As part of our net zero offerings, Pure World Energy (PWE) provides fully financed, industry-leading solar solutions.

Solar is becoming an increasingly popular choice for organisations who are looking for a commercially viable renewable energy source. Indeed, UK solar PV installed capacity is on the rise and now represents nearly 4% of total electricity generation.

The environmental merits are attractive to many businesses but there are also significant financial benefits to be enjoyed. The price per kWh of solar is significantly lower than grid electricity, which amounts to much-welcomed cost savings, particularly for high-use clients, such as those in manufacturing, processing and other industries.

Furthermore, the price of energy is predictable over the long-term duration of the contract, meaning that our clients aren’t susceptible to the unexpected price rises associated with main grid supply.

As well as a cheaper and predictable rate of electricity, clients in some cases can also gain from exporting clean energy to the utility grid.

PWE offers a complete turnkey solution to a wide variety of businesses. We manage every aspect, from design and installation right the way through to maintenance over the lifecycle of the project. As we also finance each project, there is no capital outlay required from our clients and this capital can therefore be redeployed to other areas of their business.

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