For IT, telecoms and data centre businesses, having continuous, reliable power without the risk of a power outage is critical.

Pure World Energy utilise market-leading Capstone microturbines. Capstone’s Secure Power is designed specifically for mission-critical loads, with an uninterruptible power source. Secure Power produces clean, high-availability IT-grade power that offers 99.999999% reliability. Two Secure Power products are available:

  • UPSource, which offers efficient primary power that runs parallel to, yet independent of, the grid.
  • Hybrid UPS, which offers dual-conversion power electronics via three modes – High Efficiency, Standard UPS and Emergency Back-up.

Capstone Secure Power provides a reliable and continuous power solution. It also offers the possibility of significant energy savings through highly efficient on-site electricity and heat generation, via a bespoke Combined Heat and Power (CHP) configuration.

There is also the additional option of cooling, for air conditioning or server rooms, via a Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) configuration, if required.

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