As well as stand-alone solutions for commercial and industrial premises, Pure World Energy can also design, build and maintain microgrids for small and large-scale developments. 

We incorporate multiple renewable and energy efficient technologies, such as solar PV, battery storage,  waste-to-energy and CHP, to form the optimum microgrid for each application.

Microgrids are increasingly the energy solution of choice for urban regeneration, where there is a mandate and appetite for a cleaner and more cost-efficient energy supply. A microgrid can reduce or completely remove dependency on the utility grid, through the deployment of controllable and semi-controllable generation technologies. Developments supplied by a PWE microgrid can be assured of a resilient net zero, or near net zero, energy supply.

Microgrids are becoming ever more cost-competitive and even have the capacity to generate revenue through the export of excess energy to the utility grid.

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