For many healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, some of the key requirements, in addition to patient well-being and comfort, are the continuous supply of heating, hot water and cooling. Secure power is essential, to prevent the risk of brown or black-outs, which could compromise patient safety.

Pure World Energy delivers bespoke schemes utilising Capstone microturbine generator technology, which provides reliable on-site electricity, heating, cooling and hot water to the facility.

To ensure continuity of supply, Capstone microturbines can operate in a ‘dual mode’ configuration, which means they can easily transition from standby power to continuous power mode, ensuring the facility has an uninterruptible back-up power source.

There is also often a consistent requirement for steam, which is utilised in kitchens and for sterilisation processes. The microturbines can also be configured so that the clean exhaust, which is generated through the energy production process, is utilised to power steam generation systems

As well as being highly versatile and reliable, these extremely efficient, low emission schemes provide significant energy cost savings for hospitals and other medical facilities, which ensures that more money can be invested back into the facility, where it is most needed.

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