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To fully support our customers and offer the greatest financing flexibility for projects, Pure World Energy offer both CAPEX and non-CAPEX financing options.

1) ESCo-funded Option

Under an Energy Services Contract (ESCo), capital costs for the whole project and on-going operational costs are financed by Pure World Energy (PWE). Once installed, PWE enables customers to reduce their operating costs and eliminate volatile utility rates by locking in a low fixed rate for electricity and heat. PWE then owns and maintains the system for the duration of the contract term.

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Benefits of an Energy Services Contract (ESCo)

No Capital Investment
We install a power generation system that fits your facility's energy needs, with no capital outlay or upfront costs.

Reduce Operating Expenses
Lower your energy bill immediately. Energy is delivered at a cost that is substantially lower than what is offered by the utility, thus reducing your operating expenses and preserving your capital budget.

No Risk
Pure World Energy monitors, manages and maintains the power generation system.

Guaranteed Long-Term Pricing
A fixed, discounted percentage rate of your prevailing tariff ensures long-term cost saving.

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment
Decrease your carbon footprint with Capstone's industry-leading efficiency and near-zero emissions profile.

No Depreciation
With an ESCo-funded installation, there are no depreciation costs to budget for.

2) Capital Purchase Option

As an alternative to the ESCo route, you can benefit from all of the heat and power savings with a supply-only solution, or a customised supply and install solution suited to your project needs.

Pure World Energy is also able to provide the Capstone Factory Protection Plan (FPP). This is an industry-leading maintenance programme designed to give you financial peace of mind, by fixing the cost of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

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