Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) - or ‘tri-generation’ - refers to the process by which the heat produced by a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit is used to power an absorption chiller or a direct fired chiller, in order to generate chilled water for applications such as air conditioning or refrigeration, in addition to electricity and heat production.

On-site generation is generally more efficient due to the lack of transmission losses. As well as efficiency gains, on-site generation also helps to reduce a company’s dependency on grid supply and lessens the burden on the original boiler plant.

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Pure World Energy utilises Capstone microturbines for all CCHP applications. Capstone microturbines can achieve overall energy efficiency levels of up to 90% in CCHP systems and, as you can see in the section below, these microturbines offer a number of distinct advantages.

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Capstone Turbine Industrial CCHP Application

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Many commercial and industrial sectors can benefit significantly from the installation of a CCHP system and Capstone microturbines offer particular versatility, as they are scalable from 30 kW to 30 MW and can operate on a variety of gaseous or liquid fuels.

The type and configuration of the turbine and associated equipment will depend on the electricity, cooling and heating demand profile, the specific application and needs of the project, and the type of fuel that the turbine uses.

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Capstone microturbines are the ideal solution for today’s distributed generation needs. As the world’s leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, Capstone products are used by many of the Fortune 500 top global companies.

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