Large commercial and industrial businesses generally have a very significant demand for electricity and heat, primarily for powering factories and facility buildings, but also for space heating and cooling.

Additionally, businesses have an array of different functions and processes that are integral to their specific operations, which also utilise a significant amount of power.

Pure World Energy utilises market-leading Capstone microturbines, which offer significant energy savings through highly efficient on-site electricity and heat generation. This generation takes the form of a bespoke Combined Heat and Power (CHP) configuration, with the additional option of cooling via a Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) configuration, if required.

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In addition, Pure World Energy is able to design and install schemes that offer further applications that harness the clean exhaust heat that is produced in the power generation process. Exhaust heat can either be used directly for processes such as drying applications, as seen in the brick and tile industry, for example, or the exhaust can be utilised to power a steam generator, to produce steam for an array of industrial and manufacturing processes.

Capstone microturbines also provide continuous, reliable power. They remove the operational and financial risks associated with brown or black-outs, and so are an ideal choice for many commercial and industrial facilities.