Pure World Energy (PWE) is trebling energy supply to the Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club.

In May 2016 PWE installed a single Capstone C65 combined heat and power unit at the site, which is situated in Didsbury, a suburban area of Manchester. Since then, the unit has successfully supplied 40% of the site’s electricity and hot water requirements, providing a financial saving which is typically between 7 and 12%. As well as the financial benefits, this cleaner energy solution has saved 115 metric tonnes of carbon annually, which is the equivalent of taking 25 cars off of the road each year.

Pure World Energy Image

The popular local hospitality and leisure venue has recently received full planning permission to extend facilities, with construction expected to begin in November 2020. To help meet the consequent increase in energy demand, PWE has signed a new energy services agreement with Waterside, to supply over 80% of the expanded site’s electricity and hot water requirements. To deliver this, PWE will install a new, C200 Capstone microturbine and associated equipment.

Pure World Energy’s CEO, Sean Fitzpatrick, commented: “We are delighted to strengthen our relationship with the Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club team and deliver greater savings and reduced emissions for the expanded facility".