PWE has announced a 15 year Energy Services contract with Framptons, to deliver clean, efficient energy in the form of electricity and steam, at their plant in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

The plant will incorporate 865 kW of capstone turbines and a ICI Caldaie Heat Recovery Steam Generator, integrated with a biomass boiler. The project is scheduled to be commissioned in January 2021.

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“This is an exciting project on the Net Zero Transition journey and we are delighted to be working with Framptons to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency over a 15 year period,” said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of PWE.

Detailed design and permitting of the new on-site power plant are currently underway, with construction due to commence in October. PWE will Design, Build, Finance, Operate, Manage and Maintain (DBFOMM) the new plant on an energy services contract basis, selling electricity and steam to Framptons as part of their 'energy as a service' model.

The microturbines will deliver 65% of the on-site electricity, while the steam boilers will provide all of the process steam for the food and beverage packaging facility. The microturbine systems are expected to yield Framptons significant benefits and save over £100,000 per year in energy costs.

Already an environmentally-conscious industry leader, Framptons partnered with PWE on a microturbine-powered CHP solution to further boost its energy efficiency goals and enable significant carbon footprint reductions and energy savings. CHP enables manufacturers to produce heat and electricity on-site at the source and can deliver a large majority of a plant’s electricity and heat requirements. By producing electricity where it is consumed, rather than a central power plant, there are no transmission losses. On-site power generation can therefore be up to 80% efficient.

“Framptons is delighted to sign this 15-year ESCO contract with a company that is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint,” said Allan Staples, Director at Framptons Limited. “PWE has worked closely with us over the past few months to produce the optimum solution for our energy and emissions targets,” concluded Mr. Staples.